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Saving Money Hacks that will help your Piggy Bank

Break the Dollar, Save Your Change

I always break the dollar and save the change. I don't care if the Total is $8.01, I'm going to give the Cashier $9.00 and save the $0.99. Then when I get home, I deposit the $0.99 in my Piggy Bank. I do this when I'm grocery shopping, grabbing something from Home Depot, pretty much anywhere.

I save until my Goal is reached, it's full and needs to go to the Coin Machine at the Bank, or Sheri posts something I want to get for Christmas, lol.

Here is a cool screw on Counter that goes on a 5 Gallon Water Container if you want a Piggy Bank a bit bigger. See it here.


Tired Mom

Cheap Water Refills

So we have a Water Cooler that we found a great deal on. But the refill cost was killing our savings, almost $6.99 every exchange. Then we found these reusable caps! 30 pack for $9, and we started refilling at Twice the Ice for $1.50 every 5 Gallons of Filtered Water. You can't find any fresh cold drinking water that cheap ANYWHERE!

Here's the Caps on Amazon:

XOXO Tired Mom 💖

Tired Mom

For anyone that can't afford, or doesn't want to pay for Walmart plus, did you know they do free trials? When your free trial runs out, you can use the dot trick in your email to make a new account and get another free trial. The dot trick for an example, is you place a dot in the email so would be this will make it so you still get the emails to your normal email, but fools Walmarts system into thinking it's different, allowing you to make a new account. Just remember to cancel the old account, or hook it to a card that it can't charge in case you forget to cancel it.


Toilet Paper Rolls for Starting Seeds

So I always save the seeds from all of the fruits and vegetables that we eat and dry them out to save them. I'll share how I do that in another post. But I also save the toilet paper rolls because they are perfect biodegradable seed starters and when it is time to go to a bigger pot I simply dig a hole big enough for the toilet paper roll and plant that too. It makes for an easier transition for your seeds.

Tired Mom

Save Money with No Proof Settlements on Tired Mom Deals

No Proof Settlements. Period. Little class action lawsuits that literally take 5 minutes to fill out. And though you may only get $20 here and there, it's free. And we link them on our Page here:

They are paid out ususally Months later so don't expect a Quick Payday. But it's 5 minutes spent now that you'll thank yourself later for.

Tired Mom

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