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Dollar General Penny Shopping


What are Penny Items?

Dollar General penny items are products that Dollar General has a difficult time selling. Usually, these items have already been through the Clearance Cycle — up to 90% off. Once they've been through the Clearance Cycle, they make them easy to identify by Dollar General employees, and get marked down to a penny so the staff knows to remove them from the sale floor. But we get lucky, and since the stores are so overwhelmed with Regular Stocking and Employee Under staffing, they get left on the Shelves for us to Find. 

The biggest thing to remember when penny shopping is to pay attention to the size, flavor, and count of the item you’re looking for. Everything must Match. That's why we share the UPC, to make it easier for you!


Where are the Penny Items in the Store?

You have the best luck in the Clearance Sections, but remember to check around the entire store. They may have not been pulled from Regular Merchandise Aisles.


Does Dollar General have to Sell me the Penny Items?

Sadly they are not under orders that they MUST sell you the Items. Some Cashiers may decide not to sell them to you just because they are a Penny. Or they've never encountered Penny Items before and don't want to get in trouble. Remember, these Items were "supposed" to be removed from Shelves.


I've found a Penny Item. What Now?

Well, be prepared to get one chance to buy the quantity you want. If you go to the register with just one item, this will alert the cashier to pull the rest off the shelf, and they might not let you buy it. Non-Updated Self Checkout has always been my best chance. This is why it's so important to form good relationships with your Cashiers.


Can I ask an Employee to help me find a Penny Item?

Don't do it. Remember, they aren't even supposed to be on the Shelves. Rule #1, Don't talk about the Penny Club! (Yes, that's a Fight Club reference.) Don’t even talk to the employees about the penny items. And never call corporate on Penny Items. Imagine this as a Sleeping Bear. Let's let it hibernate, because the longer this stays under the Radar, the better it is for Couponers.


How do I find out if it is a Penny Item?

You can use the Regular Dollar General mobile app to price scan any items before you go to the register. Make sure your App is Updated to the Newest Version to get an Accurate read and keep things running as  smooth as possible for you.


Where do I find the Penny List each week?

We have all Penny Lists available below by Week. And I'll pin the Master List below for you to Reference. We try to post the List or alert you to No List by Sunday, so you have time to Prepare for Tuesday Penny Shopping.

Penny Lists
Penny Lists by Week
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